My relationship with music began when I first watched the 1989 movie "Batman."  Even now, when I hear Danny Elfman's classic score, I have vivid childhood memories of sprinting around the block, my cape soaring behind me.  This musical passion grew when I picked up a guitar at the age of twelve and began strumming around.  But it was years later, during the dog days of college summers, when I began experimenting with music software.  These trials gave me the opportunity to incorporate instruments I had never used, tying together intriguing sonic soundscapes and memorable melodies.

My journey thus far has had its fair share of victories and defeats, but through everything, I press on.  The music I make comes from a very honest place in my heart, attesting to the gamut of human emotion.  I hope whatever season you're in, you can find joy or solace through what I create.  Thank you a million times for listening.